miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012


Salto de Etipantla

Tlaloc, the lord of the rains, supposedly ruled in Los Tuxtlas in ancient times, and the cascade of Eyipantla was his

On a sunny day when the magical sunlight reflect the roar of the waterfall and fog envelops the nearby foliage, still
Tlaloc beckons with its majestic presence.

The source of the waterfall is the Rio Grande de Catemaco to drain Laguna Catemaco.

To 12 km of Catemaco, Veracruz along a path
usually paved in deplorable conditions, leads to
Eyipantla people.

If coming by bus or pirate can take one at the entrance
of Sihuapan on Route 180.

The input to the drop cascade is on the left,
where pay 8 pesos per person. You must save the ticket for
you will need to visit the lookout is
on the fall.

Salto de Eyipantla (VIDEO)